The VIP Self Wash (or "the SELFIE" as we like to call it) provides you with everything you need to get your pup clean and fresh.  Our custom made stairs will help you get your pup in our tubs no matter what their size and our raised orange tubs will brighten your day and save your back.  We provide fun aprons to keep you dry and tethers to keep your pup securely  in the tub.  Our premium shampoo selection is all organic and hypoallergenic and range from no scent to yummy as pie and everyone loves our blueberry facial scrub. We have curry brushes and de-shed tools right at the tub and rubber scrub brushes to get that shampoo all the way to the skin.  We like to say "love is in the details" so we have ear and eye wipes, dental wipes and, of course, treats  at the tubs as well.  

After the bath, wrap your pup in a bright orange towel and take them to our dry room equipt with raised tables, high powered blow dryers, brushes and more treats!

And best part: Leave the mess with us!

The VIP SELF WASH costs $25 dollars 

BUT come in during the week (Monday, Thursday or Friday) for a 20% discount

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