Our Works Bath includes:

* shampooing every dog TWICE

* washing the face

* cleaning ears

* conditioning the coat

* trimming and dremeling nails

* drying and brushing 

* removing mats if needed

Not only do we perform all these tasks but simultaneously we are working on teaching your dog to stay calm, sit still and enjoy the process.  We attempt to provide an enjoyable bath even while having to perform often unpleasant tasks like ear cleaning or anal gland expression. All that we do requires skill technique and zen-like energy.

teeth brushing, anal gland expression, de-shed treatments and extra de-matting available for an extra fee



Bathing alone is an art form.  We look at the skin and determine the specific needs of your dog and how to clean him or her optimally. We wash every dog twice.  The first wash is designed to get your dog clean where the second wash is designed to actually treat and condition the skin and coat.  While shampooing we clean the ears and check for wax build up or debris in the ear canal.  We will gently flush the ear canal with a saline solution if necessary to help prevent infection.We will then apply an additional conditioner to the coat if needed.

We utilize over 20 different types of organic shampoos and conditioners in order to give each individual dog the best bath they can get.   We use top of the line products.  We will only use products on your dog that we would use on our own.  I have tried many products over the years and have come to know what works best for what skin condition.  We can treat sensitive skin, allergies, geriatric dogs, arthritis, skin that needs healing, and/or administer flea treatments.  We then look at your dogs coat  and determine what best suits your dogs hair needs ie: we can reduce tangling, reduce shedding, soften coat, strengthen coat, add shine etc.


First we use forced air dryers to wick away moisture from the coat. Then we will either blower dry your dog or hand dry them according to their needs and then we fluff dry and brush if appropriate for your breed.  We carefully brush each dog removing mats and tangles.  The coats of different breeds react differently to brushing.  We will always do what is best for your dog so as to minimize discomfort and ensure they are not accidentally harmed.   We will always put the care and comfort of your dog first.


Finally we cut and dremel your dogs nails. Proper nail care is not only important to a dogs health as split nails can lead to infections, but also necessary to ensure other animals or humans are not accidentally harmed while playing with your pet.  Making certain all nails are properly filed can also minimize accidental damage to floors and furniture.  Unless specified otherwise we will cut your dogs nails down as far as safely possible and then we will dremel all rough edges to ensure a smooth finish.  This provides ultimate comfort for your dog and piece of mind for you.

No Time for the Works - Try our Quick Wash option 

We will shampoo and towel dry your pup and have them on their way

but how much will all this cost me? click below to see our pricing chart


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