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The Love is in The Details


Bathing alone is an art form.  We look at the skin and determine the specific needs of your dog and how to clean him or her optimally. We wash every dog twice.  The first wash is designed to get your dog clean where the second wash is designed to actually treat and condition the skin and coat.  We then apply an additional conditioner to the coat if needed.

We utilize over 20 different types of organic shampoos and conditioners in order to give each individual dog the best bath they can get.   We use top of the line products.  We will only use products on your dog that we would use on our own dogs.  We have tried many products over the years and have come to know what works best for what skin condition.  We can treat sensitive skin, allergies, geriatric dogs, arthritis, skin that needs healing, and/or administer flea treatments.  We then look at your dogs coat  and determine what best suits your dogs hair needs ie: we can reduce tangling, reduce shedding, soften coat, strengthen coat, add shine etc.  While shampooing  we clean the ears and check for wax build up or debris in the ear canal.  We will gently flush the ear canal with a saline solution if necessary to help prevent infection.

Blow Drying and Brushing

First we use forced air dryers to wick away moisture from the coat. Then we will either blower dry your dog or hand dry them according to their needs and then we fluff dry and brush if appropriate for your breed.  We carefully brush each dog removing mats and tangles to prepare them for grooming.  If mats cannot be removed by brushing then we will have to shave or cut them out.  The coats of different breeds react differently to brushing.  We will always do what is best for your dog so as to minimize discomfort and ensure they are not accidentally harmed.  Occasionally this means a cut may not look as attractive as an owner may like because we have to work around those spots we had to shave.  On rare occasions we may need to shave your dog completely if the matting is just too pervasive.  I will not put a dog through the painful process of dematting an entire coat just for the sake of aesthetics.  I will always put the care and comfort of your dog first.



Proper nail care is not only important to a dogs health as split nails can lead to infections, but also necessary to ensure other animals or humans are not accidentally harmed while playing with your pet.  Making certain all nails are properly filed can also minimize accidental damage to floors and furniture.  Unless specified otherwise we will cut your dogs nails down as far as safely possible and then we will dremel all rough edges to ensure a smooth finish.  This provides ultimate comfort for your dog and piece of mind for you.

Hair Cut

First we trim all the fur between the pads of the feet.  Then we begin the grooming process.  We do clipper work and we also hand scissor with amazing detail.  Though I train all my groomers to be proficient in standard cuts as well as show cuts we specialize in more pet-friendly cuts.  VIP will help you design and maintain the best cut for you and your dog according to your lifestyle and personal aesthetic.  We want your pet to look good, feel good and be easily maintained.  If your dog or your aesthetic is extremely high maintenance we may not be the best choice for you.  Having said that we have many clients that just love what we do with their Bichons, Shitzus, Terriers, Poodles and Schnauzers etc.

The Hair of the Dog

Just like the spa experience is different for your dog as it would be for you, the hair cutting process is very different as well.  Most people wash and brush their hair just about everyday.  Not so with dogs.  Often dogs go several days or even weeks without getting a thorough brushing and even longer for a good washing.  In addition dogs have ten to twenty times the amount of hair as most humans.  Dogs’ coats get tangled and matted and there may be sores or irritations hiding underneath.  In addition, they have ears that get infected, anal glands that get full and nails that get long and rough.  Just properly bathing your dog takes way more effort than the simple shampoo and head rub you get at the hairdressers.  In addition, your dog cannot simply tell us when something is sensitive or tender or downright painful so we must always be paying attention to the subtle signs of non-verbal language.  Then there is the challenge of grooming.  You sit still while the hairdresser comes at your head with the scissors.  It is the tendency of most dogs to move around and not sit still while being groomed.  So it is partially the art of chasing moving targets with sharp objects and safely and gracefully sculpting their unruly coats into works of art.

About the only similarity between the hairdresser and the dog groomer

is that we both appreciate being tipped for a job well done!


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