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here is some information for your first visit

VIP Release Form

VIP Grooming and VIP Scrub Club now require that all customers sign our comprehensive release form before their next or first service.  This can be done 3 ways:


  1. If  booking on line, you will be asked to electronically sign our release form to complete your booking

  2. Print form from our website, initial and sign and bring it in with you for your appointment.

  3. We will give you a paper copy to sign when you come into one of our shops.  


Feel Free to  preview the form HERE to expedite your  appointment check-in or booking time


Appointment Preparation 

Please feed and walk your dog(s) before bringing them in and make certain they have gone to the bathroom right before their appointment.  Not only does this make the appointment go better for us, it is more comfortable for your dog as well.  Our minimum appointment time is 4 hours, if your dog can not hold his bowels that long, please let us know so we can accommodate him/her as needed.  If they will need a snack during that time frame please bring something for us to give them. 


We Always Try Our Best

We always try to get everything right but occasionally an appointment gets lost, or a service takes longer than expected, or a bather forgets to clean the ears or we accidentally charge you $.10 instead of $10 or $100.00 or visa versa.  We just ask that you work with us so we can make it all right again.  We are only human after all : )

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